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Well, we offers assistance in redirecting your websites to the right audience by sorting them out based on geographical differences. This means your audience will get to see the desired website contents out of their linguistic and geographical interests.

Redirect visitors
by country

We let your website reach the audience of the desired country. No more hurdles of people landing on unwanted or uninterested websites.

Easy to customize
and manage

Setting your priorities would never be more easy to manage and customize. We are sure you will fall for this!

Rich report

We help you analyse your growth by providing a rich report on your business. We care not to miss even the minute points.

Redirect visitors
by city

What if you wanna target the audience of a specific city for some specific content or what if you wanna simply redirect your visitors based on their cities? Well, we are here to help!

Large volume of traffic
to your business

Targeting the right audience is vital for your business right? Then we are gonna help you acquire large volume of traffic to your business via that.

High ROI

Well, a high return in investment is the ultimate aim of every business. Partnering with us, you will never have to worry on that!

Our Features

Have a look at the amazing features we offer to make audience targeting more
better and easier!


Geo Redirects

Geo-Redirect simply helps in redirecting a website to another URL exclusively based on the geographical location of the visitor to the website. It is ideal for TLD redirection between the websites.


Geo Links

Generating dynamic links that can vary depending upon the Geo Location is vital. The Geo link service helps you to create custom URLs as mentioned above and will direct based on the visitor’s Geolocation.


No Coding Required

Making things less complicated and effortless is our prime motto and hence no coding is required to redirect a website to another URL based on the Visitor’s geographical location. You can easily set up and control your geo targeting services here.


Powerful Location Segmentation

Setting target Geo Segments is a part of the process and this is done in a snap here by introducing and eliminating the respective countries or cities, based on the required criterias.

Why Geo-Targeting
is vital for your business?

Are you seriously into online marketing?

Do you think that it’s a ladder for your business?

If yes, it’s always important to target your perfect customers as it’s vital for any kind of development in your future. Imagine your ideas and business reaching the wrong people who never care about these. This is where we play the role, that is we ensure the marketing reaches the right audience. All you need to do is to the following three things. Yes, as simple as that.


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